My warmest wishes of courage to Pope Francis

I was not born Catholic, but I grew up being one until I was 14. I endured first hand segregation and racism as a kid going to a Catholic elementary school. I intended to be a priest first. That was my first desire as a kid. But, the disenchantment came quickly at the age of 12. Today, Pope Francis is taking steps to make the Church what it ought to be—the pivot of spiritual values where love, compassion, brotherhood, respect for life and the non-judgmental approach taught by my Father and our Father, Jesus-Christ named also Michael of Nebadon.

The Vatican is among the richest institutions in the world for so many conquests and invasions have been financed on behalf of the Church since the Kings were the leaders of the foot soldiers of God and the servants of the Church. My father was reincarnated in a stable and grew up poor. All finances were handled by Judas. I do not expect priests to be beggars or to live as needy people. It is acceptable for priests to live modestly but not as untouchable rich above all suspicion.

Pope Francis is blasting capitalism at a very delicate time when globalization has made the capitalists much bolder, more ferocious and more cynical. The Vatican is not Heaven where peace and love is not just a motto, but a way of life for eternity. So much blood has spilled inside the Vatican itself that the devil must be laughing now at Pope Francis’ good intentions. He knows that those inside the Vatican who know him so well will do what they believe necessary in order to keep the Church alive and well—the place where good and evil must co-exist for the sake of humanity. God has nothing to do with it. It is how they interpret their mischief.

But, before the thunder of death steps shakes the walls of the Vatican and causes an uproar among the faithful, I hope that the Pope rectifies one of the most unfortunate misinterpretations of the Bible—my Father, our Father, Jesus-Christ, is not God the Son but rather one among more than 700,000 Creator Sons of God the Father, the First Source, the one whose Kingdom is in the Central Isle of Paradise, my ultimate destination. My father, Michael of Nebadon, looks like God the Son since he was born from the union of God the Father and the latter but he is not God the Son.

My sincere wishes of strength, firmness and courage to Pope Francis!

Gloria in excelsis Deo! Et Spiritus Sancti lux vobiscum!

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