Debating Haiti’s future

Debating Haiti’s situation with integrity, free thinking, spirituality, morality, humanity, dignity, patriotism and courage.

As children, we go to school because education is the fundamental way to acquire knowledge, to be productive and to explore our potential as human beings. Fundamental conventions must be established in order to build societies. Traditions, culture, belief system and history do influence enormously the way we conceive life and coexistence.  Since, from our own corner of existence, as a race, we are enduring the wrath of the western civilization, it is important to review and revise on our own the fundamental conventions highlighted by the latter.  It is the step that is taking us from education to formation. Whether we go along with those conventions will prove how well formed we are from the education we have received.

Fundamentals of the structures of a society: Religion for belief system; Politics for managing the well-being of a people; Economics for securing prosperity of a nation; Culture and traditions for maintaining continuity.

For me, in order to exalt a civilization, technological progress is far from being a valid criterium for all civilizations, past and present, have clearly shown that ingenuity is inherent to humans’ existence. I strongly reject the notion of survival. So, I have to follow the blood that has caused the demise of all civilizations of this planet. Let’s consider the current one: the western civilization.

Regarding religion, the Westerners claim their faith as Christians under warrior’s codes: For God and the King: For God and the Queen; For God and Country–Blood has spilled all over this planet.

Regarding politics, the notion of empires has blurred and is blurring still the vision of countless leaders among them. With the same warriors’ codes–Blood has spilled and is spilling still all over this planet: wars, invasions, conquests, annexations, and coups.

Regarding economics, looting has become the ability of ripping off others–slavery and virtual slavery; exploitation with oppression. suppression and dispossession; the ability of imposing “international sharking”–lending money with conditions and under humiliating and extreme difficulties to repay. Blood has spilled and is spilling still all over this planet. Malthusianism is being strongly considered.

Regarding culture and traditions, race superiority and supremacy are being secured through racism, discrimination, segregation. Two belief systems prevail—the adamic heritage of the white race and the “God’s chosen people” belief system of the Jews. A classic clash between two tribes or groups which history has proven to be bloody but they manage to coexist with extreme difficulty under both a tacit and open complicity to rule this planet. Blood has spilled and is spilling still all over this planet.

As one can see, violence not only seems but is the prime directive of the western civilization. Even, their own fundamental designation and definition of their humanity does not encompass any moral and spiritual values: “I think then I am.” This faculty of thinking is not inherent only to humans on this planet. Animals do think. The level of their thought process is not as complex as humans’. But they do think. So, with the absence of moral and spiritual values under that designation, one must understand why it was so easy for Westerners to kill with the bible in their hands, to kill on the name of God, to enslave, to discriminate, to segregate, to lynch, to rape, to sodomize, to exploit, to oppress, to suppress, to dominate, to conquer, to exterminate. One must understand why even today, weapons of mass destruction will be blessed as if those who will be killed are not humans and even less God’s children.

This primitive and barbaric mindset offers many facets of their way of life. While politics remains deeply immoral and amoral from their actions and points of view, one must not be swayed by the technological progress. It is being achieved even today by the fundamental and palpable result of violence as one can clearly notice in many parts of this planet and specially on the African continent which contains most of the natural resources that could propel the western civilization far during the 21st century.

Our ancestors have stood up and claimed their divine right—freedom. Yet, under the fundamental designation of their own humanity, the western world could not cope with the independence of Haiti. Ransom had to be paid to France. Severe embargo and three attempts to invade by the USA have maintained Haiti under a state of national crisis until the successful invasion by the USA. Today, after more than 100 years of systemic occupation, Haiti is on her knees.

Robbed was her vision for freedom. Haiti, however must reclaim her existence among the nations under a new fundamental designation of our humanity–it is the goodness of our heart that defines our humanity. Locked into their survival mode, the westerners have mostly neglected the essence of human existence—eternal life. Indeed, we are confronted with the daily needs of our physical existence. But, life itself is not limited to personal self-gratification. Freedom is the highest form of responsibility. One must understand why our ancestors were so prompt to supporting those who were fighting for it throughout the world without distinction of race, ethnicity, religion and origin—Latin America, Greece and even Israel have benefited from the stand of the Haitian people for their freedom.

We are not stupid. We are humans. As humans, we understand, and we show the goodness of our hearts. While we clearly respect everybody’s freedom, should their interpretation of the latter threaten our own existence, it is only logical for us to fight back. But we have been enduring the wrath of a civilization which knows no restraint when it comes to power and wealth on the basis of glory and profit so much so that 5 of the richest billionaires on this planet have more money than half of the population of this planet—5 people on this planet have more money than 3.5 billion people. This wealth is not the fruit of hard labor, but rather the result of the implementation of laws, means and ways where morality and even decency are not taking into consideration. Like the Swiss say: money has no smell.

In 2019, survival ought not to be a choice or an option for humans–living is and ought to be effective. If 71% of this planet is water covered, and a civilization is aiming at making water a commodity, one should not question the intelligence of the latter, but rather her level of malice and wickedness. If colonization is a such a bloody word, and yet space technology is motivated by space colonization more than the simple curiosity of extra-terrestrial life, one must not question the level of intellect of such a civilization, but rather her strong persistence in maintaining violence as her prime directive which obviously will be used inter-planetary encounters. Where does it end? I know when it will end for empires come and go and most of all, the blood of the innocent must be will be redeemed. This is one among of the immovable and fundamental principles of life and coexistence.

Freeing Haiti from the grip of the Westerners is not going to take only and at all the respect of their conventions, ideas, or using their technology also. It is going to take the formulation of a new way of life where morality and spirituality become our prime directives. One ought to confuse morality with puritanism or imposition of Christian values, including sins and dogma. An atheist can be an extremely decent human being. This is not either about religion. It is about accepting our humanity in the basis of respect for life, which the western world has simply denied when it comes to wealth and power by instituting their own standard of values in taking race, ethnicity,religion and even traditions and culture into account.

In order to free Haiti, we need to be free thinkers, able to see our lives as human gods without spilling any blood, especially human blood for gain–wealth or power. With such a vision, violence can become only legitimate. We have the right to be free and prosperous, the right to explore our potential as human beings and as human gods, free from intimidations and provocations.


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