About Gifrants

With over 30 years of composing and performing experience, Gifrants has reached a pinnacle and new plateau in his unique and sultry brand/genre of fused Jazz and Traditional Pan-Caribbean style of music. This seasoned artist has entertained the Eastern Seaboard with evocative rhythms as well as stories brought-to-life in live settings with unrivaled passion.

Through a long road and arduous process to forge a new genre of Music, Gifrants has managed to accomplish exactly the “DREAM” over the span of his career. As a composer of classical pieces and with the dedication to the Arts, he has managed to “originate” the “Natif” concept of viewing and referencing Haitian Rhythms. And as a prolific performer in the heart of Academia (i.e. Harvard Square) and in some of the most prestigious venues, such as: New York City’s SOB’s, Nell’s, as well as South Beach’s Jazzid and beyond, this dynamic entertainer has released over 25 albums, all without any major label backing.

Gifrants has published numerous projects on his label Gaëta Records. Writing, producing and acting as his own publicist, he is often accompanied by a plethora and revolving roster/cast of Boston based luminaries who help him perform his pieces in live and studio settings.

Podcats & Interviews

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