Regarding the slashed chord

I will never forget the time when I was talking to this great and very talented Haitian guitarist and I mentioned to him that because of the vaksin whose intervals the natif concept is evolving around, I may have to use more than one note on the Bass for the slashed chord as established by convention. He replied proudly that he studied with one of the greatest experts on chords and progressions and that I should name my chords accordingly. At that time, I said nothing. He performed with the greatest jazz players known around the world. Music was his major in College. How wrong can he be?

That is one of the main reasons I did not want to go to Berklee College of Music or any other music schools—I did not want to study and understand our music through the ears, eyes and the mind of the White men. My passion, my devotion to music should have taken me to any schools of my choice. It was a voluntary decision not to study music formally. However, I did spend 3 years learning about harmonization and I did borrow a lot of books from the Lincoln Library in New York.
Now, taking a look at those scores below, how wrong can I be? Amen!

Kou Sou Kou

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