Amazing musical intuition of the Haitian peasants

I have listened to their music. I have danced to their music. I have embraced their faith and their belief system. I have not become one of them—I have always been one of them. Why? Because just like our forefathers, I have struggled to remain free—free from mental slavery. So, I’m standing proud and every breath and every step I take strengthens my character as I remain humbled by my life experiences.

Those who say they have made choices know that they went astray. Strangely enough, their right to choose cannot hide their rejection. Their emulation cannot be and should not be seen as progress when it is being done at the expense of their own identity.

No other people but the Haitian peasants play the vaksin. This wind instrument creates a unique and peculiar harmonic concept where dissonant tones entertain the ears with an ethereal and mysterious atmosphere timed by the vigorous rhythmic patterns of the congas.

Would not it be nice to hear the “vaksin” on the strings? It would be and I believe it is.

Audio–Vaksin à cordes

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