Summary of my works till 2014

Dieu, mon Père, m’a créé à son image et au barème de sa suprême intelligence. Je ne suis pas de ceux qui se contentent de prouver aux autres ce qu’ils peuvent faire. J’explore simplement et très profondément avec humilité mon potentiel durant mon passage sur cette terre.
God, my Father, has created me in his own image and with the scale of his supreme intelligence. I am not among those who prove with complaisance to others what they can do. I’m just exploring very deeply and with humility my potential during my time on Earth.

On this page, one will find a summary of my works—links to different projects from Haitian folk, pop, voodoo jazz, natif and classical music in different genres

Chantrèl (Haitian approach to chamber music)
Mizkla (Haitian classical music), pieces written for a philharmonic orchestra
Sètfwasèt, new genre conceptualized with a 7 string instrumentation—2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos and 1 double bass divided in 2 quartets, and 7 movements of 49 bars each in which the melody played by the lead violin is being approached differently by the 2 quartets
Have fun watching and listening! Peace!

Here is the link to “music library” on my site. Most of my works are available on–more than a dozen cd’s. They are my principal vendor. Please, remember, you are not buying from me, you are buying from . They are linked to my site.
You may experience a slight delay of 10 seconds at least for cdbaby’s site to pop up. library

For projects released as illustrations of the natif concept, one can listen to “Fonde” and “Zagribay Pa Fèsten” or buy them which is even better, and for Visual, the following link to my Youtube video—Pyè Aleman Lèmiso Batala.
For Audio on this site under the natif umbrella, an interpretation of the song “Vive Haiti” written by the late diva of Haitian folk music, Lumane Casimir
Audio—Vive Haiti

My classical pieces are not recorded yet. But, my 6 books listed below are available—

I ) Kantik Natif, Volim I contains scores of Haitian folk music written using the Natif concept. I have deconstructed the commonly used ii-V-I progression and new progressions have been suggested in this book.

II ) Pa Amou/Because of Love—14 original compositions of Chantrèl; 12 written for the violin and 2 for the flute
Video—Dyalòg executed by the DaPonte String Quartet
Video–Mizik Demafwa
Audio—“Bèl Souvni” was recorded during one of our rehearsals for my concert on April 28, 2013 at the Center for Arts at the Armory: Eve Boltax, lead violin; Serena Eades, violin; Christian Hoschek, viola; Scott McColl, cello.

I do take great pride in inserting the audio file of the first ever classical piece I have written and which was inspired by my muse Nicole E. This version of “Pasyon Fou” is uncut but , the intro of the piece has been re-written for technical reasons though I do believe without a shadow of a doubt that do exist many violinists who should be able to play this introduction with their super-dexterity and their talents as virtuosi. The tempo of the piece is 88. It can be slowed down to 82 but no less.
Audio–Pasyon Fou (Mad Passion)

III ) Kòman M Tande Flit La/How I hear the flute—14 original compositions of Chantrèl written for the flute
Audio—Kabicha Nan Yon Ti Lombray
Audio—Dje Tankou Pipirit
Audio—Miserere Nobis

IV ) Mizkla—4 pieces written for a philharmonic orchestra
Audio—Souf Zanj o
Audio—Inde We Pote, Souple. Chay La Lou
Audio—Lanmou San Limit

V ) Sètfwasèt–Konbinezon No. I
(This piece has been divided in 2 because of the maximum bytes upload allowed by our site)
Audio–Sètfwasèt–Konbinezon No. I. Mouvman I-III
Audio–Sètfwasèt–Konbinezon No. I. Mouvman IV-VII

VI ) Requiem Pour Richard Brisson—written for a philharmonic orchestra
Audio—Requiem Pour Richard Brisson

VII ) Pinnalaganash, Chantrèl III–pieces written for the violin
Audio–Kantik Nan Fon Bwa

VIII ) The Imaginary Cellist–Solo pieces written for the cello
Audio–Patris Gloria
Audio–Blue Moonlight
Audio–Broken Steps Along My Way
Audio–Debonnaire’s Flair

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in buying any of these books. Your comments are welcome!

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