A piece of classical Rara music

Haitian music, our music, is just damn beautiful!

1. Afro
2. Djuba or Djumba
3. Ibo
4. Kongo
5. Kongo Gonayiv
6. Kontredans
7. Kwazelewit
8. Matinik
9. Mayi
10. Nago
11. Ochan (Anonse)
12. Parigòl
13. Petro Fran
14. Petro Makaya
15. Petro Ti Joslin
16. Rabòday
17. Ranpono
18. Ti Kita
19. Yanvalou
20. Zepòl

I have been told that there are as many as more than 64 Haitian beats. Now, who wants me to forget about all of them and learn other people’s music? Do not worry about it! I may and I say “I may” only after I dig everything my ancestors left me.

Here is a “Rara Kout Dlo Cho, Kout Dlo Frèt.” As I said it many times, the possibilities are endless with the “natif” concept. What a charm! Those wide intervals of the “vaksin” on the cello!

Psst! After you listen to this piece, you may have a hint about why Haitian men and women are so spicy! HA!

Click here to listen. Peace!

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