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Scores of “Aladeriv”

I believe that it is more than time when most Haitian professional musicians have to start writing the scores of their music so the latter can be preserved better. Also, it is much easier to share their knowledge this way. … [more]

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Mizik fòlkò pou ti moun

Mwen kwè nan jefò k ap fèt pou montre ti moun mizik li enpòtan pou ti moun Ayisyen yo, pitit fanmi mwen yo, jwe tou mizik ki egziste pou ti moun piti ann Ayiti. Se konsa mwen aranje kèk nan … [more]

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Sounds of music past: Voodoo Jazz

Yep! For four years, I did play Voodoo Jazz with extremely talented musicians–Jimmy Daniel, on drums. I took him to Haiti to learn about our music and he fell in love with it; Jacqz Vincent on keys–teacher at New School … [more]

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Balad Damou

It’s all about love I feel deeply in my heart–love for country, love for my wife, love for my children, love for my family, love for my friends and love for you all. It is love for music and love … [more]

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“Natif” for me, not Creole Jazz

I have been trying and I keep trying. I’m thriving to show how we can explore Haitian music in taking into account the many ways the Haitian diaspora is blending Haitian culture and music in their new adopted countries. I, … [more]

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Divine Origin–part 7

This is the 7th part of the longest piece I have ever written for a string quartet. The whole piece lasts about 1 hour and 43 minutes. If music is the language of the soul, it is also one of … [more]

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Poésie et musique

Je ne dirai jamais que je suis un poète. Toutefois, j’essaie de polir mes textes pour les rendre poétiques. A travers les années, je me suis efforcé de montrer la beauté de la langue Créole en embrassant non seulement son … [more]

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Nos déboires, nos souffrances terribles, nos luttes interminables, nos déceptions en tant que peuple ont fini par causer un traumatisme collectif lequel semble paralyser même les plus braves parmi nous. En tant qu’artiste Haïtien, je me suis donné le devoir … [more]

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Yanvalou Ginen

Le rythme “yanvalou” est l’un des rythmes le plus célébré dans notre folklore et dans notre musique. La sensualité et la grâce dégagées dans la danse issue de ce dernier reflètent aussi l’exaltation des mélodies inspirées par les compositeurs et … [more]

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First piece for piano

My determination to explore Haitian music and to express with the best of my abilities defines, besides my faith, the reason of my existence down here. Music is a gift I have received from God, my Father, as He anchors … [more]


From the “natif” concept

Here are two examples where the “natif” concept is in full effervescence. First, the link to the chart of “Fonde.” Click on the title in red below in order to see the scores. Fonde The “play” button to listen to … [more]

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The talent of Makarios Césaire

I had a great privilege to meet with Makarios in 1990. My very longtime friend Rigaud Simon introduced us. It was with great pleasure that he came to the recording sessions of my “Rara Mwe” project produced by Robert Aaron … [more]

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Remembering Boulo Valcourt

Boulo Valcourt was one of the most Haitian talented musicians. He happened to be my cousin. We first met when I went to Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, for the official Baccalaureate exam, Part I. We had the French schooling … [more]

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Gifrants Konpilasyon Volim I

My latest cd is out! It is a compilation of 17 songs from several albums. Digital versions are available online. But, people can get the physical album only from this site below, or click on the front and back cover … [more]

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Article du Nouvelliste le 23 Juillet 2017

Le lien à cet article sur mon parcours en musique: Gifrants et l’âme musicale haïtienne

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