Music, conventions and techniques

As a composer, I can hear my own compositions the way I personally hear them. I strongly believe that it is a mistake to expect any interpreter or anybody else to hear my music and understand my music exactly the way I hear it and I feel it. I do not expect anyone to play my music “better” than me. I expect every interpreter to feel and execute my music the way he or she feels it. There is nothing wrong with that. I feel very comfortable about it. In fact, I may prefer the way he or she plays my music. This rigidity that demands exactness or perfection in the way scores are written is only laudable on a technical aspect. That’s the problem with classical music—playing the scores exactly the way they are written does not mean at all the composer’s feelings are conveyed. Those techniques and articulations mentioned suggest more the way the notes must be played in order to convey feelings and emotions no one “feels” exactly the same way. As a composer, unless there is a major departure from what it is written, the interpreter is free to express himself or herself on my music which is intended to convey solely our humanity from our soul, the essence of our existence and immortality.

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