Dyalòg executed by the DaPonte String Quartet

There are times when I’m listening to my works and I’m thinking about Haiti, my country and Motherland, I cannot just stopping shaking my head and smiling. At the same time, I can hear the loud voices of those who either vow that Haiti is doomed because of us, incapable and unruly Haitians or who have no problem to see us dispossessed or occupied by another country or (this is what hurts me the most) blame the peasants and the masses for their ignorance and their natural animosity and the current situation of our country.
I’ve been living in the States for 30 years, more than I lived in Haiti. As a musician, I’ve been thriving to showing the beauty of our music, arts and culture, but mostly music. Throughout that long and painful journey, and almost every step on the way, the overwhelming majority of those who have been paying attention to my works have never been my own people. Again, those who have been blaming the peasants and the masses are supposedly better off than the latter. However, their snobbism whether they want to brag about their love for music, arts and culture has shown their ignorance despite their flagging of their degrees, professions and their wealth.
No doubt that those are reading this will point out quickly my “frustrations,” an opinion they will find well founded which I always disregard totally for I find it pointless—I have never, even once, in my life produced my works with fame or money in mind. My determination to explore and develop our music in all genres except konpa has never diminished over the years.
So, to those who can see and who believe that do exist Haitians who are natifnatal still, I’m posting this clip in which the Da Ponte String Quartet in collaboration with the board and staff of Konbit has given me the great privilege, honor and opportunity to play my music and to share it with others, while I’m alive still. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dyalòg by the DSQ

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