Natif is the conceptualization of rhythmic patterns, chords and progressions based on the movements and intervals of the “vaksin” that are authentic to Haitian music. Natif is not and ought not to be analyzed only from a western comprehensive approach of music. The evolution of collective intuition, such an ultra-sensorial component of human nature linked to supreme and ethereal sources, acquired during thousands of years by the Black civilization cannot be grasped solely by the cognitive criteria of such a new entity known as the western civilization. Having said so, new elements can and must be added to known conventions in order to define our music as precisely as it must be for proper execution and interpretation.

It is the ultimate responsibility of an innovator to codify all elements of his or her creation. Let me say that this conceptualization should have been the works of a team although it could have been inspired by one person at the beginning. But, repeated pleas for collaboration near my Haitian peers have fallen into deaf ears. Consequently, limited illustrations will be explored and presented by your humble servant but as any sphere of creation, possibilities are endless and evolution reigns unquestionably and unavoidably for nothing is static.

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