Konpozant–a new term in Haitian music

b) “Fonde” is another example of this chordal approach to the “vaksin”
The use of such chords over this melody is rather intriguing and does not quite comply with the notion of close relation between chords and melody as established by western music. This allows us also to introduce a new term in Haitian music:

“Konpozant” can be defined as a group of chords in one bar or measure that sounds like one when played together.

The first 3 chords below– Arpegio E-G-C is the Chord of C; The first triad is B minor and the second one E minor. It should be seen as a “konpozant” though I have identified the C and the B minor as a Cmaj9♭5.

In order to see the scores clearly, click on them and you may enlarge as you please.

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