Chordal Formula


Chordal formula
When I first started feeling that I was getting somewhere with the “natif” concept, this notion of “chordal formula” stroked me as a valid and tangible way to describe this “test of stylization of Haitian music” as noted by Professor and musicologist Claude Dauphin.
In the song below, the 3rd chord in the 3rd bar when playing the melody, must not be seen as E Major ♯9, but rather as the 3rd and the Major 7th of the A chord. Again for the Emi7 seen as the ii minor chord in Western music, the “natif” concept just discounts it and still emphasizes the 3rd and the Major 7th of the A chord. This all makes sense when one knows that the musician who plays the “vaksin” blows one, two or three intervals at the maximum, and does so more intuitively than knowledgeably.

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