About teamwork

Before I continue further, I would like to open a small window in order to make a few valuable points. The American jazz movement started from a concept that was based on improvisations which themselves could be formulated from seven modes, except obviously for non-pitched percussion. The Afro-Cuban jazz movement embraced the same movement but put a lot of emphasis on a rhythmic approach overall and the piano became the instrument of predilection with the new “Latin fingering”. The Brazilian Jazz movement came up with a very sophisticated chords and progressions approach and a new beat called Bossa Nova. A lot of emphasis was put on the guitar.

The Natif concept is being developed on the guitar. But, I hope that my fellow musicians will contribute also to it in order to include other instruments. Improvisations are not to be defined and restricted by modes but they must flow from keys to keys and from scales to scales with an essentially unapologetic, uncontrollable and unrestricted sense of freedom in totally defiance for known conventions.

In a lighter note, I would add that the “vaksin” is played only in Rara music not in voodoo music as played in the humfò during the ceremonies. However, we have extended his role in our concept to voodoo, roots and folk music under the “natif” umbrella.

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