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Notes de présentation par Claude Dauphin

Pour mieux comprendre cette analyse profonde de Claude Dauphin, musicologue, professeur Emeritus enseignant à l’UQUÁM (Université du Québec à Montréal), il est important d’avoir écouté l’album dont le lien est affiché dessous: Pinnalaganash, Volim III Pinnalaganash-Chantrèl 3 (pour quatuor à … [more]


First release of my compositions of classical music

When was the last time you heard an original piece by a Haitian composer of Haitian classical music? Now, you do have the opportunity to hear how new Haitian composers are exploring this genre some call “musique savante.” Though I … [more]

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Higher Calling

A very upbeat piece which will be inserted in my next book entitled “Unbreakable.” Higher Calling

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Thinking out of the box

Interested in a different approach to chords and songwriting? We strongly suggest that you read the “Natif” page and its sub-pages. Believe me, it is worth a visit, and please, do not hesitate to send us your comments. Peace!

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New illustrations on the “What is Natif?” page

I have added new examples and illustrations on this page. I want to thank those who have been kind enough to let me know how they appreciate my works. To explore Haitian music is to discover new possibilities and the … [more]

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Following Ti Paris’ path

Yep! I have been writing a little bit more lately. The “natif” concept has brought me closer to Ti Paris’ fingering style and I find it amazing. I’m thinking seriously about releasing a single first, and a whole album later. … [more]

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Unbreakable–the book

My next book entitled “Unbreakable” which contains 7 pieces written for a string quartet–Lead violin, violin, viola and cello is due in April 2016. I’m firmly dedicated to providing to this generation of Haitian musicians and others who are classically … [more]

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Tenacious Spirit

My freedom is my ultimate submission to the will of God, my Father. Such abandonment allows Him to live in me and on this physical plane, it has led me to a torturous path which I will not let test … [more]

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Video Clips

Here is a few video clips from the “Discover Haitian Classical Music” event held at the Cambridge Public Library on October 17, 2015. Unbreakable Faith Fantezi Kreyòl Concert by Crossing Borders Music Collective

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Ti Zwazo

It is one among the most beautiful Haitian folk songs for children. With this in mind, I have done my best to enhance its beauty with my arrangement for a string quartet. Ti Zwazo

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Arranging new songs for orchestra

I always believe that we can take our music to different levels. The problem may be for Haitian musicians is not to have a receptive audience the more sophisticated their music is. Besides, “konpa” is being perceived as the legitimate … [more]

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String Quartet for beginners

I remember a few popular Haitian folk songs written for and sung by children when I was growing up. In the wake of so many NGO’s providing music schools in Haiti, I think that it will be a good idea … [more]

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Spirit Minded

It is hard for me to dissociate my faith from my compositions of classical music. I feel strongly that they are the expressions of my soul and they are taking me so much closer to God, my Father. I do … [more]

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Unbreakable is the title of my next project due in 2016. The “natif” concept would have allowed me to lay down a solid foundation for the future of Haitian music if ever a much more influential musician than me or … [more]

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Sètfwasèt, Konbinezon No. II

For those who have read a few of my posts about Haitian classical music, you may have known that I do not write sonatas, concertos, or symphonies. My approach in this genre has been rather particular. Pieces I have written … [more]

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